Welcome to New Orleans Lab Resue

Shaq, Red, Mickey, Chance and Ceaser - this is for you. In your honor we will save one at a time - showing them love and kindness and teaching them confidence as you have taught us. It's because of you that this has become a reality. I know ya'll are guiding us from above - we will make ya'll proud.
Shaq - left this earth far too early Aug 18, 2006
NOLA Lab Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization that advocates for the underdog while working with over-crowded shelters in Louisiana. We also help shelters in Kentucky and Ontario, Canada. We cherish the seniors who have been abandoned when they needed their families the most. We help the special needs dogs and believe they deserve a chance. And we work to save labs and lab mixes who have been abandoned and left to die in a shelter.

For our donors, your involvement makes a difference for each and every dog. They all deserve a loving family and we couldn't help them without you.

For our volunteers, we could NOT help any of them without you. Whether you can foster, transport, attend events - you are making a real difference in our dogs' lives. 
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