Welcome to New Orleans Lab Resue
Shaq - left this earth far too early Aug 18, 2006
Our Seniors
NOLA Lab Rescue's family grew by 6 seniors (aged 7 years to 15 years old) on February 12. These dogs, along with 30 others, were under the care of the directors of My Heart's Desire - a rescue that we and others in the Rescue community trusted. We were wrong.

36 dogs were seized and brought to Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter after the condition they were being kept in was brought to light. 3 had to be humanely euthanized due to severe medical neglect. "Matt" was euthanized for severe aggressive behaviour. Two are still being evaluated for aggression.

The rescue community has stepped up for the rest of the dogs. For more information on the conditions these dogs were kept in, please see the original news story..

One thing we want to make clear, these dogs were not at My Heart's Desire's Adoption Centre. That Centre is run by volunteers who work hard for the animals and had no involvement in what happened at the "foster" home where these dogs were kept. However, these dogs were all pulled under My Heart's Desire Rescue's authority.

Now that you know where they came from, let us introduce our new seniors. We've committed to making their final years, the best years of their lives.
Chloe, 16 years old
Chloe has been through so much, yet she keeps on smiling. Chloe is now 15-1/2 years old. She is arthritic, has a couple tumors, weak hind end, hip dysplasia...but she is HAPPY! If she hears the refrigerator open, she is trotting over to check it out! Like most labs, she loves her ball. She will stay near her human for love and affection. We've all fallen in love with her in such a short time....and we all feel bad for the time that stolen from, time that can't be made up, time that she should have been the queen.
ADOPTED - Richie is a 15 year old Aussie who was adopted from SAF 14 years by MHD's director and instead of being "safe" forever, he was dumped for a newer model. He's friendly and house trained. Just needs a soft bed in a warm house! He's nervous around young children (they move quickly!) but not aggressive at all. For Ritchie's comfort, he would do best in a home with no children under 10 years old.
Ritchie, 15 years old (Adopted)

Aubrey, 13 years old (Adopted)

ADOPTED - Aubrey is 13 years old with bad eyes, bad knees, bad hips, bad ears and bad teeth. However, her heart is filled with love and she is so grateful to be in a foster home that has clean orthopedic beds, good quality kibble and just cares about her and her well being. We don't know Aubrey's back story, we just know she needed help. She was miserable. When having her 1st of many baths after being pulled, the water ran BLACK from the grime. Her poor ears looked like they had not been cleaned in years. But like a true labby, she sat in the tub and was grateful for the attention.
Mavis, 14-15 years old
Yes, she is a poodle but she had a lab hair on her so now she is a NOLA dog. She is estimated at 14/15 years old. Her teeth are horrible and in need of a dental. She was matted with urine and feces. She is blind. She has weakness in her rear legs. She is arthritic.

Can you imagine how this 8lb blind baby felt living in a house with 36 other dogs (mostly large)??? All she wants from her foster is love. She is content laying in her arms 24 hours a day. She is housebroken and sleeps in the bed with her new human. This is one of the dogs that was labeled "un-adoptable". We can't understand that.
ADOPTED - Meet Betty White, formally known as Suzie. This chocolate beauty is only about 9 years old, house trained, dog friendly and loves her people. She has no known health issues other than bad skin which was a result of her living conditions. There is no reason this sweetie hasn't been in a loving home instead of left in neglect. She is very adoptable! She is HW negative and calls "shotgun" when riding in the
Betty White, 9 years old (adopted)

Coby, 7 years old

Coby, he's not a lab but we're sure there was at least one stray labby hair on him too. Coby was surrendered to Southern
Animal Foundation in June of 2011. My Heart's Desire pulled this gorgeous boy and were told by SAF that if he ever needed anything, to let them know. My Heart's Desire never contacted SAF about Coby but obviously, Coby needed help.

As you can see by the picture, in 2011 Coby was a happy, healthy boy. As a "Blue" pitty, dog and kid friendly - he was highly adoptable. 5 years later Coby is blind, deaf and his skin is a nightmare due to living in urine and feces. He lays in his bed and cries. He has no idea where he is or what he's doing here. He is deaf due to neglect. Chronic ear infections that were NEVER addressed. He is going to see an eye specialist to see what is going on with his vision.
How someone could have looked at these dogs everyday - day in and out - see their condition - smell their condition - live in the same conditions with them and not realize they are abusing them is beyond us.

We made a promise to each one of them - you will never suffer again. Its a promise that WILL be kept!