Volunteers are essential to the success of NOLA Lab Rescue. Whether you can help for a few hours once in a while or can commit to weekly support - we need you!

Can you help?
(No experience required - we provide training & mentoring)

  • Fostering - see Fostering for more information
  • Adoption screeners - review adoption applications, verify references & conduct phone interviews with applicants
  • Animal transport volunteers - transport animals to vet appointments, transfer from shelters to vet or foster homes (long distance transporters are also needed to drive a couple of hours to forever homes)
  • Fundraising - help plan short & long-term events, apply for grants, plan raffles & promote our organization
  • Public outreach - spread the word, drum up donation support, write thank you notes, be an advocate for NOLA Lab Rescue
  • Dog training - teach our dogs basic obedience skills
  • Photography - we have some lovely dogs for you to photograph

Contact us for more information and let us know if you are able to help. Thank you!

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